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BluHorse is committed to providing its customers with the highest quality software available to the corrections and law enforcement industry. We at BluHorse have spent years shadowing and listening to deputies in all aspects of operations in order to fully understand the needs of the end user. By doing this, we do understand no two facilities function in the exact same manner which means a JMS/RMS has to be highly customizable and flexible and have a company behind it that is very engaged with its customers and willing to listen to their ongoing needs. With this in mind, we developed our software and company philosophies so we are able to conform to each individual facility and how they perform their own unique operations.

At BluHorse, we continually strive to meet the current and future needs of the staff by continually updating and improving our product. We listen to the needs of our facilities and incorporate these needs into new releases of our product. BluHorse understands the problems and issues faced today by corrections and law enforcement and we design our software to be easy to learn and as adaptable as possible.


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