BluHorse JMS


All jails operate differently, therefore we designed the BluHorse Inmate Management System from the ground up to be flexible and modular. To do this we created small, pluggable modules that can be added when it’s right for you. Each of these modules can be added at any time or if your facility needs something not currently offered, we can create the module for you and simply plug it into your system when ready.



Some examples of the modules we have

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  • alerts
  • booking
  • bookingcardedit
  • class1
  • custombooking
  • docclass
  • docmgmt
  • docviewer
  • incidents2
  • incidnets
  • layout
  • layout2
  • medical
  • medical2
  • meds1
  • medslookup
  • psych
  • sarn
  • scarsmarks
  • search
  • snapins